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Z250 ABS

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The latest addition to Kawasaki’s Z Series, the Z250 ABS was designed to be a real Supernaked machine. Developed in parallel with the 2018 Ninja 250, like its Ninja counterpart the new Z250 ABS offers significantly improved performance care of all-new high-performance engine and chassis.

Keeping sugomi * performance in mind, both engine and chassis tuning were optimised for a Supernaked package. Compare to its predecessor, the new Z250 ABS offers lighter handling and stronger low end feeling – a rider friendly combination ideal for fun, nimble street riding.

Matching its exciting performance, the Z250 ABS is clad in aggressive new styling. Inspired by the sugomi styling of the flagship Z models, all-new bodywork blends the designs of the Z650 ABS and Z250 ABS to deliver an aggressive, agile, masculine impression.

Whether deftly navigating the urban jungle or parked strikingly on a street corner, this lightweight, powerful Supernaked is sure to turn heads.






Price is excluding road tax, insurance and registration while a two-year or 20,000 km warranty against manufacturing defects is provided.

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