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TANIO Original Visor For Shoei Helmet

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UV protection sunlight and secures view at the time of the rainy weather by water-repellent coating processing.

  • 99% UV protection
  • It reduce asthenopia
  • Riding in the rain, it to ensure field of vision by water repelling.
  • These are made from the original in Arai and SHOEI

How to use and maintenance

  1. If it has stains, wash it away by warm water and wipe it off by tender cloth.
  2. The liquid wax, rubbing compounds, chemicals of silicon-systems etc. do not use these for shield cleaning.
  3. Avoids the use of the riding in the rain. It will cause trouble, such as muddy water adheres to the shield's, wipe it off by gloves and get scratch.
  4. When opening and closing of the shield hold by the edges of the top and bottom, and keep out touch on surface of the shield if possible.
  5. Please avoid the use in night time riding, because it is hard to get visibility.

Visor Code

-X-Fifteen (CWR-F2R)

- Nxr-2 / Z-8 (CWR-F2)

- Neotec ii ( CNS-3)

- J-Cruise ii ( CJ2)