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Shoei X-Fifteen Proxy TC-10 White Red

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We first used our extensive knowhow, and supporting pressure analysis data, to create a shape with minimal air resistance. We then took that basic design and repeatedly verified and refined it in our in-house wind tunnel testing facilities. The completely redesigned aeroform demonstrates stable aerodynamics even at extremely high speeds exceeding 350 km/h, creating an impression of high-pressure performance capability.


The X-Fifteen delivers superior ventilation performance compared to the X-Fourteen/X-Spirit III. We have achieved this by deepening the channels of the air routes inside the helmet by more than 1.5 times and by providing the outlet holes in the tunnels of the rear stabilizer.


The X-Fifteen is fitted with the CWR-F2R shield/visor. The CWR-F2R features a center lock system that improves the contact of the shield/visor and window beading to prevent the entry of wind and rain. We have also achieved an impressively clear field of vision by placing the pins for the anti-fog sheets, which share the tear-off buttons, outside the field of vision. This allows the anti-fog sheets to cover almost the entire area when they are installed.


We have raised the eye port position of the X-Fifteen by 5 mm compared to the X-Fourteen/X-Spirit III. The shift has expanded the upper field of vision without changing the positioning of the rider’s head inside the helmet or compromising the balance of the field of vision in the vertical direction. MotoGP riders have expressed their appreciation of the wider field of vision, which is also enhanced by the racing position of the cheek pads inherited from the X-Fourteen/X-Spirit III. The improved range of vision contributes to safety during races.


We have further improved the split type center pad, expanding the range of adjustment for a better fit. Each of the pad sections is now a pocket type and optional adjustment pads can be used separately to close up any gaps according to the shape of the rider’s head. The pads can also be replaced with ones of different thicknesses. Additionally, we have made the outer layer of the front, rear, left and right pads detachable, allowing them to be removed individually for a looser feel. These improvements enable each rider to better adjust the fit of their helmet.

The cheek pads are also uniquely shaped along the lower edge of the helmet to prevent lift while riding. Meanwhile, the cheek areas themselves are 116% larger than the X-Fourteen/X-Spirit III, providing strong hold with minimal shaking even while traveling at high speed.


A hydration system can be used during long rides in extreme midsummer conditions or endurance races. The X-Fifteen has an attachment mechanism near the rider’s mouth for mounting hydration components on the helmet. A hydration system can easily be set up by combining the optional hydration tube and commercially available accessories.


Reducing noise generation and increasing quietness inside the helmet improves a rider’s concentration while easing their fatigue. The center-locking CWR-F2R shield/visor significantly improves sealing and is fitted with vortex generators at both its left and right edges. They create a rectifying effect that directs airflow on the shield/visor side to the rear, helping to reduce the generation of noise at the shield/visor.

Emergency Quick Release System (E.Q.R.S.)

In situations where the rider has an unfortunate accident, emergency workers who need to take the helmet off generally find it more difficult than they thought. Along with impact absorption and comfort, supporting rescue work in such emergencies is another important function of helmets

Our proprietary Emergency Quick Release System (E.Q.R.S.) features special ribbons on the cheek pad. Simply pulling this ribbon allows the helmet to be easily removed while minimizing the weight placed on the rider’s potentially injured neck.

*Please do not use the E.Q.R.S. when removing cheek pads for maintenance.