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Shoei Neotec ii Winsome TC-6

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Face Cover

The face cover is what gives a modular helmet its identity. Its convenience is improved by the degree to which various elements of it have been perfected, such as the locking mechanism and the way it feels when you go to open or close it. The lock lever has been carried over from NEOTEC, with a design that makes it easy to operate even with your gloves still on. Furthermore, it heightens the degree of adhesiveness between the shield and the window beading by treating the access of face cover motion as eccentric and drawing the face cover closer to the shell when completely closed.


Based on our ideas about how this helmet might be paired with riding a variety of different motorcycles, for NEOTEC II we sought to deliver aerodynamics that are suitable for any riding position. The top air outlet serves as an aero device when riding in an upright position, while the rear spoiler integrated into the shell performs the same service when tilting forward while riding.

Shield system / PINLOCK® EVO lens

NEOTEC II uses our new CNS-3 model shield designed specifically for this helmet. The shape curved toward the shell side of the shield’s uppermost portion and the highly durable airtight sealing combine to prevent wind and water from coming in through the cracks around the shield and the window beading. Using optical design to optimize the curvature factor for each part of the shield, our design produces a clear field of vision that keeps distortions down to a minimum, even when it comes to the field available with the sun shield in place that goes through the Pinlock® EVO lens and shield.


The muffling of hot air inside the helmet can keep a rider from being able to concentrate on driving. The goal with NEOTEC II was to deliver extremely efficient ventilation performance that keeps the inside of the helmet cool and comfortable, as well as to provide durability that can cope with opening and closing the lid with an operability that is definite and simple.


The full-bodied interior setup firmly envelopes your head and comfortably supports you on even the longest of rides. The NEOTEC II uses a highly moisture-absorbent and quick-drying material for those areas that cover the cheeks and brow where sweat develops easily. It also employs a soft, raised fabric for those areas around the opening of the helmet itself. This hybrid combination delivers a helmet that feels soft when worn and is comfortable.


When you drive for a long time, quietness has a tremendous effect on alleviating driver fatigue. People have also said that improving the conditions in which communications systems like navigation systems and voice calling are used, along with creating comfortable riding environment, are important elements. NEOTEC II employs technologies to improve quietness throughout in the quest to deliver more comfortable riding.

*When using the communication system, you may not be able to hear ambient sounds due to the volume settings on the system and your connected devices. Please set the volume when using it so you can hear ambient sounds.

Sun shield

Our inner sun shield has won great favor from many riders for its convenience in allowing you to switch quickly between clear and smoke in response to abrupt changes in visual conditions such as changes in the weather, unexpected backlight, and going into a tunnel. NEOTEC II can also be outfitted with the well-established QSV-1 sun shield. The sun shield is handled using a sturdy wire, making for smooth operation. Furthermore, it provides a stopper function so it clicks when slid into place, helping to prevent the sun shield from sliding down accidentally.