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FOBO Bike 2 TPMS For Motorcycle

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FOBO Bike 2 is a SMART tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for every biker (two-wheeler) using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 that works directly with your smart device using Android 5.0 and iOS 12 or later.

The main function of FOBO Bike 2 is to monitor tire pressure in real time while riding or when in Bluetooth range. It detects slow or fast leak and alerts users to anomalies. It then transmits the readings to a smart phone where the user can browse. The user can set upper and lower thresholds of the air pressure. FOBO Bike 2 can send instant audio, haptic and text alerts on a smartphone/ smartwatch/ Bluetooth headset. It will monitor the pressure based on the thresholds with its smart algorithm and will provide three levels of alerts when the thresholds are breached.


-  24x7 Monitoring of your bike tires.

-  Multiple modes of alerts.

-  Slow & Fast leak detection.

-  Multiple bike profiles monitoring with one App.

-  Group Ride monitoring.

-  FOBO Share.

-  Remote Monitoring.