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FIVE5 Advanced TFX2 WP (Waterproof) Riding Gloves

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For farsighted adventurers.

The TFX2 is made for adventurers who leave nothing to chance. And, in particular, for those who demand a protective and comfortable glove that allows them to ride worry-free on any type of road, or face anything that Mother Nature can throw at them. Because when you set off for adventure, you may set off under bright sunshine, and finish the day in the driving rain. With its water-repellent, laminated fabric construction and its 5_DRYTECH™ weatherproof/breathable membrane, it offers unparalleled dryness, while allowing for a healthy evaporation of perspiration, which often happens when you ride hard on unpaved tracks. The TFX2 offers many details that are essential for long rides, like the Clear Vision Pad™ visor-cleaning system, or the Touch Screen™ electronic device-handling system, which allows you to find your way easily using your GPS or smartphone, without taking your glove off. And we haven’t skimped on protection here, either, with its PVC shell and numerous reinforcements, on the topside, and its wide Kevlar® panel on the palm side, covering from the base of the hand all the way up to the hypothenar, under which three foam elements are inserted, for comfort. The palm also features a Digital PU reinforcement for impeccable handlebar grip when it rains. Comfortable, lightweight, and tough, both on falls and on rainstorms, the TFX2 will be there, ready to take on any adventure.

  • Stretch, water-repellent fabric construction (topside), for dryness and comfort / Full-grain goat leather (palm), for suppleness
  • 5_DRYTECH™ weatherproof, breathable membrane
  • One-piece PVC metacarpo-phalangeal protective shell underneath the fabric / Window-panel construction 
  • Soft TPR index and middle-finger knuckle protection
  • Index and middle-finger comfort gussets, with reflective inserts
  • Protective foam reinforcement on all knuckles
  • Forearm protection from a cuff with integrated memory foam
  • Wide Kevlar® reinforcement, from the base of the hand, all the way up to the hypothenar
  • Digital PU palm reinforcement, for better grip on the handlebars 
  • Dual closure system (wristband and cuff) using an elastic strap and Velcro®
  • Adjustment tab concealed underneath a Kevlar® panel
  • Retro-reflective fabric on the wristband
  • Lycra®-style fourchettes (between the fingers)
  • Clear Vision Pad™ visor-cleaning system on the left-hand side
  • Touch Screen™ system (on the index finger) for handling electronic devices