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EXTRA SHIELD Shoei Original Visor

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The extra shield features a special mirror coat that blocks 99% of UV rays.It does not have distortion of vision that is often a mirror shield, and it is effective in reducing eye strain caused by light.Please try the "Adult Shield" EXTRA SHIELD that has been thoroughly pursuing the effect of mirror shields to minimize the glare.

A primer coating commonly used for mirror shields made overseas. This primer coating will cause the shield to shine and distort vision. Skilled craftsmen have achieved a special mirror coating that does not require a primer coating. Because only the mirror coating is purely evaporated, it reduces vision distortion and eye fatigue. Combined with a mirror coating to block UV rays, it works well for long periods of time. In addition, gradual changes and color change outside of the field of view, achieving a natural vision. The colors are vibrant, but have a calming texture.

Not only does it dazzle but it also reduces 99% of UV rays, so it is gentle on your eyes.The base uses a reliable manufacturer genuine shield.Special mirror coating minimizes vision distortion and reduces eye fatigue.Uses a water-repellent coating. Mirror coated smooth surface repels moistureThe mirror coating is made in Japan. They are produced every day with the solid technology cultivated with glasses.

Precautions for Use:

The shield that uses a mirror coating is genuine product from the manufacturer, depending on the type of shield, there may be a mix of American-made or Japanese shields.

Visor Code

- X-15 / NXR-2 / Z8 (CWR-F2 R)

- X-SPIRIT III / X-14 / Z-7+ (CWR-F)

- NXR-2 / Z8 / X-15 (CWR-F2)

- Z-7+ / X-SPIRIT III / X-14 (CWR-1)




- J.O (CJ3)

2 Variations of Shades :

  • Dark Smoke
  • Mellow / Light Smoke