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Shoei J-cruise ii Aglero Tc-1

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Ventilation system

The heat that a rider experiences has a direct effect on how exhausted they feel. The helmet's ability keep things cool inside of the helmet through proper ventilation is a crucial factor that riders require from any helmet.

The J-Cruise II has undergone repeated tests at SHOEI's own large-scale wind tunnel test facility, in the relentless pursuit of improving ventilation performance. Another intake hole has been added to the upper air intake for 30% more inflow of air into the helmet vs. the previous model.

Shield/Visor System

The J-Cruise II uses the CJ-2 shield/visor, with a minimum of distortion and a clear field of view. The rib on the bottom edge of the shield/visor has been designed for greater rigidity, and wind turbulence within the helmet has been kept to a bare minimum. The window beading was changed from the previous double-lipped shape to airtight-sealed window beading, which offers both excellent sealing performance and durability. This design offers a helmet with superior airtight performance.


The fabric used on the interior surface is a hybrid between moisture-absorbent, quick-drying material and soft raised fabric. Moisture-absorbent and quick-drying material is used on areas that cover the cheeks and brow where sweat tends to stick; and soft raised fabric is used on the parts where the skin tends to rub against when the rider wears/removes the helmet. This offers greater snugness and optimum comfort when wearing the helmet.The bottom edge of the cheek pad uses leather-like material that is more durable than the previous model, with an added design pattern with attention to detail.