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Shoei GT-Air ii MM93 Collection Road TC-5

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Drawing from the symbolic side design of the GT-Air, the GT-Air II features a shell shape with sharper edges, integrating with the ventilation parts to let air flow from front to back. The sharp chin line and mounting space for an exclusive communication system accents the helmet’s design for a compact appearance.

QSV-2 Sun Visor

The inner sun visor can be quickly opened and closed by operating a lever. The sun visor can be lowered for a smoke effect, and raised for a clear view with just the shield/visor. This allows the helmet to quickly handle sudden changes in field of vision, such as when entering a tunnel, so there is no need to change the shield/visor when you’re out touring—a highly convenient feature.

The GT-Air II comes newly equipped with a QSV-2 sun visor. The sun visor has been lengthened 5 mm over the previous model, reducing the amount of sunlight that comes in between the bottom edge of the sun visor and the eye port. The shape of the nose part has been cut 5 mm deeper than the previous model, to avoid contact with the nose due to the longer sun visor.

Shield System

As with the GT-Air, the GT-Air II features an injection-molded CNS-1 shield/visor with low distortion. A slightly open position has been added to the shield/visor base, based on the CNS-1 shield/visor base. The gear of the shield/visor base is designed to set the shield/visor to stop in a slightly open position (first stop), when opened from fully closed position. We set this position by examining how far the shield/visor could be opened without blowing too much wind on the rider’s face while still providing ventilation. Riding with the shield/visor in slightly open position when the shield/visor fogs up allows the helmet to defog, making sure you have a clear field of vision.

Prepared for Integrated Communication System

Communication systems are especially valued by touring riders as devices that let the rider enjoy their ride even more. The GT-Air II comes with an attachment mechanism for the SRL2 communications system, designed exclusively by SENA. The attachment is an exclusive design, which allows the communication system to be mounted smoothly without hassles, in an appealing design.

Ventilation System

To add to the ease of operating the upper air intake on the GT-Air II while wearing gloves, the tip of the shutter can be directed upwards to draw in more air. The top air outlets on the left and right sides of the rear of the helmet feature a shutterless, always-open design; and the number of outlet holes have been increased from two to four for a greater outflow of air. The opening on the lower air intake as well was enlarged to enhance ventilation throughout the entire helmet. This design offers you a cool, comfortable ride even in hot weather.

Interior Parts

The way that the interior of a helmet fits around the rider’s head plays a vital role in the comfort of the rider. The surface material used on the interior of the GT-Air II offers superior absorption of and quick drying of moisture from your cheeks and forehead, which tend to get sweaty, and helps prevent stickiness. Soft raised fabric is used on the parts where the skin tends to rub against when the rider wears/removes the helmet.

Synthetic leather with red stitch marks is used on the bottom edge of the cheek pad uses to accent the design, giving the helmet a sporty feel. Red stitching is also used on the material that covers the impact absorbing liner, which is visible from the chin curtain and the eye port.

E.Q.R.S.(Emergency Quick Release System)

In situations where the rider has an unfortunate accident, emergency workers who need to take the helmet off generally find it more difficult than they thought. To make the helmet easy to remove, the GT-Air II features a special ribbon on the cheek pad, which minimizes the weight on the rider’s neck and allows the helmet to be taken off when the ribbon is pulled.

*Please do not use the E.Q.R.S. when removing cheek pads for maintenance.